Breast Cancer & Survivorship in the 21st Century

June 15, 2019

Treatment options along with opportunities to tailor therapy for patients with breast cancer are evolving rapidly. Guidelines were published in 2017 and 2018 offer new insights into the optimal treatment of patients with breast cancer. Emerging evidence suggests that combination therapy with RT and check punt inhibitors, as well as gene expression profiling, specifically the identification of intrinsic molecular subclassifications, and/or the use of novel biomarkers combined with traditional prognostic factors, may enhance treatment and improve outcomes. The ASCO guidelines were updated in 2017 and 2018 to incorporate some of these new developments.In addition, several new medications have been approved within the last year and data on other emerging therapeutics has recently been published.
The goal of this conference is to educate the medical and global community in a forum that will foster communication to benefit the individual patient as well as the community.

Learning Objectives

•    Review the modern surgical approaches addressed in the patient encounter today
•    Discuss updates in advanced breast cancer imaging for earlier detection
•    Identify systemic therapeutic advances in hormone receptor-positive, HER 2neu overexpressing and triple            negative breast cancer
•    Review advances in radiation therapy and outcomes
•    Discuss the multiple aspects of surviving breast cancer including the physical and emotional hurdles and             improving sexual health

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06/15/2019 - 8:00am EDT
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06/15/2019 - 5:00pm EDT
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