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EM Board Review Biz Buzz! Rapid Review Flashcards

That’s right – flash cards! When prepping for your emergency medicine board review, sometimes you just need a quick review and refresher of the facts and photos you don't want to forget.

You can buzz through our Biz Buzz Rapid Review Flashcards and quiz yourself quickly.

Sample questions:

Q. Sandpaper rash with pastia’s lines
A. Scarlet Fever

Q. Yellow vision
A. Digitalis toxicity

Q. Cocci in chains
A. Streptococcus

You'll receive:

  • Condensed format flashcards for rapid review
  • A 225 card set in a clear acrylic box
  • New and updated information that gives you the best information for review!



Target Audience

Emergency medicine physicians taking cert or recert exam

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